What are we about


AEL boasts a fantastic location situated in the heart of Southern Africa, where the Kalahari meets the Orange River.

Our facilities provide a conducive and productive learning environment. AEL is situated at Uizip, on the banks of the Orange River near Upington in the Northern Cape province of South Africa.

Here we will equip young people who have finished school with the necessary academic and life skill tools to take the lead in the environmental and leadership challenges that face the earth and humankind.

The AEL Campus includes the following: Terrain, Swimming pool, Sports Fields, Riverfront, Gym, Library, Laboratory, Games room, Social Room, Uizip Organic Garden

  • Equip young people who have finished school with the necessary academic and life skill tools to take the lead in environmental and leadership challenges.
  • Provide a facility to post-matric students who are passionate and concerned about the health of the environment with the hope of nurturing in them an understanding of the environment and a concern to manage it in the future.
  • Subject students to academic studies and practical training; the sort of training that will enable them to pursue further academic studies.
  • Serve as a vital educational tool for sustainable survival in a complex and rapidly changing environment.
  • The idea of the Academy for Environmental Leadership was first conceived by Adv J. A. (Fef) le Roux SC.
  • He was struck by the good intentions of the overwhelming majority of roleplayers on all educational levels.
  • He became increasingly concerned that an environment in dire need had all the potential to nullify those efforts.
  • The human race needs leaders that are appropriately equipped with knowledge and skills to tackle the common challenges.
  • In August 2013, Fef went on a trip to Uganda to view mountain gorillas in the company of an old school friend and well-known environmentalist Dave Pepler.
  • Here Fef broached his idea of an institute for environmental learning.
  • Back in South Africa, the friends were riding a wave of enthusiasm and the first blueprint for the academy was conceptualised.
  • Those notes reflected the reality that a decent, healthy environment was a prerequisite for the sustainable existence of mankind and its global activities.
  • The aim is to provide a facility to post matric students who are passionate and concerned about the health of the environment.
  • The course is aimed at preparing and equipping students through academic studies and practical training.
  • Life skills and knowledge to foster a true appreciation for the environment and to understand just how important their interaction with the environment is.
  • We hope our students will take what they learn at AEL and approach any further academic studies with more confidence.
  • The course consists of an academic section representing approximately 80% of the year program which includes practical routines, fieldwork and research.
  • We aim to eventually contribute refereed scientific articles in reputable local and international publications.
  • Life skills courses will be taught with the aim of sculpting better-equipped, well-balanced, and environmentally-conscious citizens.
  • The course is science-based, but also includes well-planned practical components aimed at equipping students with improved cognitive skills and a better understanding of the challenges relevant to the environment.
  • Provide a structured environment to school leavers who are seeking to develop and grow personal mastery skills.
  • These skills are developed by having students participate in rigorous environmental and science-based programs.
  • This will ultimately produce well-rounded, environmentally-conscious young men and women.