Life after AEL

Enter the job market

Career opportunities are varied and span over several industries. The Higher Certificate in Conservation Ecology is a career-focused qualification that is broad but also intensive. It touches base with industries such as agriculture, game farming, forestry, mining, solar and wind farms, ecotourism, nature reserve management, alien plant control and law enforcement. Work-readiness is an important outcome to suit the industries’ needs.


Further your studies

The AEL’s qualification serves as an alternative route for admission into universities and other higher education providers if you meet their entry requirements; the so-called articulation possibility. The academic program provides an excellent foundation, a gateway to higher learning for diploma or graduate study by providing students with the basic knowledge, skills, critical analyses, work ethics and confidence, which are all essential for further studies towards a diploma or degree. The Higher Certificate in Conservation Ecology is an enabler to achieve all your academic aspirations

Good citizen

AEL’s graduates are well-rounded, well-trained individuals who will bring a positive change in environmental management regardless of what career they will be following; in fact, the world needs people with a heart for conservation in every profession and job. Examples of directions in which our alumni are already studying are: conservation ecology , agriculture, agricultural economics, engineering, business sciences, winemaking and law. The AEL experience ensures awareness of the impact of environmental science on society; the understanding that everyone has a responsibility to reduce the impact of humankind on the environment; and a lifelong interest in environmental science.

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