Value of a Year at AEL

Value of a year with us (parents)

At AEL we present a more structured approach to the gap year concept, presenting a safe environment in which we equip the student with the necessary skills and acumen to excel in the next defining chapter of their lives through personal leadership development and a comprehensive understanding of the Ecology.

The self-development and academic knowledge gained during the year will be a solid foundation to prosper from either when continuing studies at university or college, or upon entering the world of work, where it will provide them with a definitive edge over their peers.

Their acquired knowledge of the conservation of the ecology will make them custodians for the Environment and our Natural Resources.

We believe that the best learning can only happen when you employ the best teachers – at AEL we are proud to have some of South Africa’s best environmentalists, scientists and experts to guide and mentor our students


Value of a year with us (students)

Studying at AEL is a once in a lifetime experience. It promises to be a year filled with adventure, getting up close and personal with nature, encouraging you to leave your comfort zone and develop as a leader.

Spend a year of your life in nature learning about the environment, whilst realising your own true potential and creating a solid plan and career path for your future. The life skills acquired at AEL will be invaluable in the next chapter of your life, and the friendships forged will last for a lifetime.

Touring through the Richtersveld, and camping in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier National Park are sure to be highlights from your time at AEL.

Lots of fun to be had at campus, enjoying socialising with your fellow students around the braai, river rafting in your own backyard on the mighty Orange River, lazing around on the lush green lawns or cooling off in the huge swimming pool on hot summer days.

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