First Aid Course at AEL

A love for lives – First Aid

AEL was privileged to receive its first lecturing guests on the 13th and 14th March. They were first aid experts, Leon and Amanda van der Schyff, who present courses across South Africa. They covered theoretical and practical aspects with the AEL students to give them a better insight into first aid.

First aid can be described as care for anyone with physical problems (including injuries and infections) before being hospitalised. It is a valuable and life-saving skill. In fact, a first aid expert can save someone’s life just by keeping the patient alive by means of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR, compression their chest and ventilating them), stabilising a patient after shock and trauma and just keeping the patient calm until specialised medical assistance or transport arrives.

One of the reasons why Leon and Amanda started to present first aid training was because it was fulfilling. They enjoy working with people, educating, training and influencing them to become first aid practitioners and experts to help those in need. Another reason for their interest is that first aid skills can be learned, practised and improved throughout one’s life. The course consists of eight levels.  After completing all the levels successfully, you will be recognised as a qualified paramedic.

“We love working with the AEL students. Their aim is to become ‘environmental champions’, and first aid in nature ties in perfectly with the goal. Natural surroundings like a veld, forest or mountain can be isolated, distant.  You could encounter dangerous animals and snakes and there is no immediate help available. That is where first aid training and a proper kit become vital equipment.”  Says Amanda.

Leon and Amanda say their course at AEL is one of the events that they look forward to the most each year. They love to visit AEL, work with the students and to observe and appreciate the scenery. According to them, the students are willing to learn and participate; they are attentive and have a positive attitude.

For any further enquiries or help, contact Amanda on 084 549 5379, or email

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