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Covid-19 preparations at the AEL Campus

First Aid Course at AEL
April 16, 2020
AEL Suskesvol Met Aanlynonderrig.
July 9, 2020

The Academy for Environmental Leadership SA is preparing Uizip Campus for the safe return of staff and students

The Academy for Environmental Leadership SA (AEL) near Upington embraces the theme of the Higher Education Sector: Save the Academic Year , Save Lives.

Therefore, the AEL is preparing for the safe return of its students to Uizip Campus. Mr Gys Botha, CEO, says that the AEL has conducted a comprehensive risk assessment for the safe return of staff and students. The actions to deal with the identified risks are contained in a set of protocols to comply with the regulations published by the Department of Health as well as the Department of Higher Education and Training. 

The Campus Management Team is planning actions according to the guidelines of the WORKPLACE/CAMPUS READINESS PLAN.

The following steps have been taken to prepare the Campus to receive staff and students:

  • All facilities have been deep cleaned and sanitized and a program and protocol are in place for the regular sanitation of all facilities.
  • All staff have been trained on Covid-19 related challenges and are committed to working hard towards preventing and prohibiting the spread of the Corona Virus. 
  • Protocols have been set up for the use of ablution facilities, attending classes, performing fieldwork, attending meals, kitchen hygiene and preparation of meals.
  • Protocols have been developed for the correct and regular washing of hands as well as the proper use of masks by all staff, including terrain staff, as well as students.
  • The lecture room has been prepared to allow students to sit 2 meters apart. 
  • Hand sanitisers and handwashing facilities have been provided at strategic places.
  • Staff and students will be screened daily by completing a questionnaire and by electronic measuring of body temperature.

There are also strict protocols for students returning to campus. All students who return to campus must complete a health questionnaire on arrival. Any student who is experiencing flu-like symptoms at the designated time for the return to campus or who has been in close contact with a person with flu-like symptoms or with confirmed Covid-19 cases, or who is under investigation for Covid-19 shall not return to campus.

The Covid-19 protocols will be published on the AEL’s website.

Mr. Botha said “We are serious about putting the health and safety of our students and staff first. We are observing health and safety measurements at the highest possible standard.”

Gys Botha. CEO, Academy for Environmental Leadership SA, 22 June 2020      



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